So, I’ve a hunch we may be seeing the start of a hybrid category of products that are essentially BBs which will now transform themselves by marketing magic into a DD

Diddy associations aside, I can’t be the only person ON LIFE who is hoping the ZZ cream comes soon so we can be done with the whole kit and caboodle of creams with two letters in their names. Some good, some great, but many, I suspect, are all just named so as to better baffle us.

I confess I’m a bit bamboozled by the whole diddy DD thing, meself. As far as I knew, this designation was originally given over for a cream for feet and hands and not face, but erm, now that’s all fluid (ha, I make puns) and phizogs are in.

So where a BB’s all about providing skincare, colour, protection (SPF) and hydration benefits, a CC’s definition is that bit more blurred but it is definitely a product that’s designed to do something to colour-correct an issue (such as red cheeks) as well as contain protection, skincare and SPF benefits. Th’auld DD is hazier still: it’s a daily defense cream, apparently.

So, aha, I get it. DDs are like Ronald Reagan’s Star Wars program for your face. Or something. Or maybe they’re just – and this is what I really suspect – pretty damn similar to the existing BBs and CCs, but clever marketing demands that in order to shift units, a new suggestion of desirability must be created. Yup, that’ll be it.

In fact, that doesn’t even matter if the product is good, you like it, and it does what you want it to do. I’ve long held that BBs in particular are just what a good tinted moisturiser should have been doing all along, but they were all shite; so it’s good that the sector’s been shaken up. 

Decleor’s March-launching Daily Defense Fluid Shield DD SPF 30, contains 100% mineral UV screens, skincare ingredients including antioxidant–rich moringa oleifera extract​ as well as pigments in the form of a rosy-beige tint which transforms to a matte finish and which apparently has a sheer enough result on the skin. For use post-moisturiser; well, it’s all sounding raaaaaaaather like a BB, ain’t it?

So, I’ve a hunch we may well be seeing the start of a new, hybrid category of products that are essentially BBs, but with a high enough SPF, which will now transform themselves by marketing magic into a DD.

What do you think about the proliferation of alphabet products though, and is this one you’d consider trying?