At the risk of sounding slightly hyperbolic, my life will probably never be the same

The stars aligned, the beauty gods were smiling and a glorious moment of beauty enlightenment dawned. I finally used my heated rollers, after three years of gathering dust – and at the risk of sounding slightly hyperbolic, my life will probably never be the same. 

In just ten minutes, my hair was fabulous, I felt bloody brilliant and it was all so mind-blowingly simple to achieve that I knew I’d be doing it again. So it got me thinking, Carrie Bradshaw style: of all the beauty bits I’ve loved throughout the years, how many have actually, seriously, properly changed my life? 

And actually, hair management seems to be a theme.

Oil Well

As a lifelong sufferer of frizz, when I discovered silicone hair oil it was enough to make me weep. My hair was spun to silk; it was shiny, and felt smooth to the touch. There are seven varieties currently in my bathroom, because I’m never, ever, ever going back. 

Electric Dreams

Laser hair removal was another moment of epiphany. My relationship with my armpits is permanently altered, for the better. They are smooth and lovely now, and bumpy pores, ingrown hairs and the dreaded five o’clock shadow are all things of the past. My legs are permanently summer ready; in the depths of winter, I remain fuzz-free. It is curiously but intensely pleasant, being so smooth. 

Hand Job

Nail care discoveries have been equally transformative. A home manicure was a task of beauty drudgery, before quick dry topcoats came into my life. Nowadays, I wouldn’t paint my nails without Seche Vite or Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri to hand. With their quick-drying, high-shining ways, and teamed with a crystal Leighton Denny nail file, they’ve turned a crap and boring chore into a painless, quick routine. 

What’s been your biggest beauty revelation?