Let’s not get confused here: Eve Lom’s new makeup line, exclusively in at Harvey Nichols, Dundrum, ain’t about makeup, makeup. Nuh-uh. No super-loaded Homer Simpson makeup guns here, thanks. This is a me-but-better edit; a good-for-skin collection that’s all about radiance. I guess that’s why they called them Radiance Perfecting Complexion Products, so, hey?

This is makeup alright, but it’s also skincare. You’d kind of expect nothing less from this brand and the seven-strong collection focuses heavily on perfecting and enhancing the skin with high-tech ingredients and gorgeous formulations. The brand’s own raspberry-derived berryflux vita complex is used throughout, a plant stem cell ingredient that targets the skin deep down to hydrate, firm, repair and protect. So, you’re getting your colouring-in requirement, and skincare benefits too.

Packaging is pretty delicious and the Sterling-to-Euro translation is surprisingly great (it’s a shame to be so amazed, but we’re sadly used to being ripped off), with the Radiance Foundation coming in at £50/€55. Nice work, Eve Lom.

This seems to be a carefully-considered edit on the brand’s part: the Flawless Radiance Primer, €45, (above left) is, they say, designed to be the true meaning of one. So no silicone slip here. Instead this is meant to actually prime skin in the true sense and ready it for makeup thanks to hydrating, moisturising ingredients that will keep makeup looking good all day. Ok, so probably not what someone with oil-control or pore-filling attributes is looking for, but in terms of rebooting the idea around skin priming, I like the direction this product is taking, but whether or not it performs is another matter.

Eve Lom Radiance Perfecting radiance lift foundation

Radiance Lift Foundation, €55, is one of three foundations in the range. A whopper 15 shades is on offer with good pale colours and this feels beautiful in a swatch. Smooth, creamy and has, they say, full coverage, which in a swatch at least, manages to look glowy and not flat. The raspberry stem cell inclusion’s in this one, as is a lifting ingredient. Unfortunately I didn’t get a sample of any of the foundations – though I’ll see if that’s possible. 

Eve Lom Radiance Perfecting perfected tinted moisturiser

12 shades of Radiance Perfected Tinted Moisuriser, €50, are on offer, and again, a decent shade offering in this too, plus all the skincare goodies, an broad-spectrum UV SPF15 and a really decent amount of coverage. This ain’t like no tinted moisturiser I’ve tried, I can tell you. Claggy, draggy, pockets of orange pigment that gather and creak and the worst, cheapest moisturiser they can find? Nah: this is like a beautifully-made, glideable lightweight foundation. I am dying to get one of these to, I dunno, have a bath in it. 

Eve Lom Radiance Perfecting mineral powder foundation

The third foundation is a powder one. Oh, now, I’m just not a fan of these but they do have their yay sayers, and if that’s you, then Natural Radiance Mineral Powder Foundation, €40, comes in six shades, has skincare properties as well as the usual mineral makeup attributes. The brand says it delivers a “zero-powder finish”. 

Eve Lom Radiance makeup concealer

To go with, there’s a Brilliant Cover Concealer, €35, with SPF 15, age-defying sea fennel for the delicate eye area and which apparently helps with cellular renewal. While I can’t speak to that, I can say this is creamy, blends well and comes in six shades. It’ll be joined by a clicky-pen version this summer too, apparently.

Eve Lom Radiance makeup collection - powders

There are three powders in the range; one a Sheer Radiance Transluscent Powder, €45, designed for use in setting your makeup and which comes in one shade, Dawn. Then there are two bronze/blush Golden Radiance Bronzing Powders, also €45, in Sunrise and Sunset. Sunset’s a good contour powder, matte and easy to blend, and its morning counterpart is sparkle-tastic, so be warned.

Personally this all-in-one brush thang doesn’t do it for me; I find it messy and a bit unhygienic, though sure, these are handbag-friendly and look cute. I’d just prefer to have my products and brushes separate. However, this is what I was given to trial, so you never know, maybe my mind will be radically altered on that score. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see powder pans in a future launch – I think they’re just that bit easier to use.

Eve Lom makeup brushes

Lastly, there are three brushes included; one to conceal, one for foundation and one to buff in mineral foundation. They’re beautifully soft synthetic brushes which are in and around the €35-€42 mark.

All-in-all, as an initial foray – it’s hard to imagine we won’t be seeing more products launching – from Eve Lom into colour, Radiance Perfecting Complexion Products seem extremely promising on a first introduction. Now to, you know, actually try ’em!