I have a very great need in me to own something from Mawi one day (a day in which all my other wants and needs are satisfied, some of which are not even all that major, such as, can I have a kitten please, and oh Gods of the economy, it’d be really awesome to be able to escape this walls-are-closing-in 450sq ft flat after 10 years. Still, mustn’t grumble). So, handbags.

It strikes me that this satin-covered box clutch from Zara, €44.95, is a very acceptable replacement for its disco sister, the Mawi deep purple glitter clutch, €724. Similar base shade: check. Spiketastic perspex embellishments: check: Ability to carry things inside: check, check, check. Ability to eat food and live for month: Zara – check. Mawi – negatory.

I think it’s an open and shut case, so. Which one would you buy?