News for you: nudes are a thing and they’re back on lips not just this season, but for autumn too. Maybelline’s just-launched Colour Sensational Stripped Nudes collection, €9.49 each, contains five non-rudey nudes for all skintones and was used at recent New York Fashion week shows, like Marissa Webb’s, above.

Maybelline colour sensational stripped nudes used at fashion week

See? Truth.

Maybelline colour sensational stripped nudes lipsticks

So the shades are coming our way now and you’re going to like this if you liked L’Oreal Paris’ recent Collection Privee, love beige lips, or here’s the really crucial thing: were not alive the first time around.

I’m currently hanging my BRIGHTLY PAINTED mouth open at fashion shoots that puport to be grunge and 90s – eh no. I was there. It was not like that. We all looked like shite. If you were sentient then too, and had spent much of your early twenties lacquering your gob with beige liner from The Body Shop, to be accompanied with the mattest brown Rimmel sold, then I don’t quiiiiiite know if you would welcome this nude lip thing back with such widely open arms. 

That said, lipstick technology has moved on, *Asjusts clipboard* and so these are a much lovelier product than the beiges of old. I really love this formulation as well – it is absolutely excellent and beats the socks off brands at many times the price – if you love brights, check out the Vivids collection. It’s awesome.

Maybelline colour sensational stripped nudes lipsticks

So, I’ve been given three to trial: Sultry Sand, Coffee Craze and Tantalising Taupe. There are also Naked Brown and Honey Beige, for darker skins – props to Maybelline for that. They’re all soft, creamy and sheeny so you’re not getting opaque chalk, worry not. Of the three, it’s Tantalising Taupe that I’d be most likely to wear and Sultry Sand the least likely (concealer lips) … but I just bet I won’t. I … just … can’t. The horror of all those old photos remains.

Maybelline colour sensational stripped nudes swatches

Lastly, swatches: that’s Tantalising Taupe, Coffee Craze and Sultry Sand. 

So peeps, are we glad to see beige is back or are do you reckon it’s one trend that should stay in the past?