Even though I’ve never worn one personally (well except for trying on my sister’s Kris Jenner wig that she wore for Halloween about two years ago) I’m slightly intrigued by wigs and have contemplated on more than one occasion what it would be like to have a hair wardrobe of sorts. Imagine having hair that you could just clip on an off on a whim. The pixie crop with zero commitment… Mermaid hair down past your arse the next minute… It’d be gas and great for knocking at least half an hour off your daily routine.

And as a lover of a low maintenance do and a fully-fledged member to the scum bun 4 lyfe fan club, I think that it’s probably safe to say that it all stems from my appreciation for a style that takes minimal effort yet still manages to look half daycent and behaves itself throughout the day. But the key to a good wig is that it’s not supposed to look like a wig. Obviously the ability to grow two feet of hair overnight lets the cat out of the bag, but a good wig should look and feel just like the real deal. 

Think Naomi Campbell – undoubtedly the reining queen of artificial hair – and you’ll be on the right track. 

So, imagine my dismay when I noticed that there’s a new tress trend on the block that isn’t actually a wig but looks just like a really bad one. Characterised by its uncanny resemblance to the little figures that you might have played with back in your youth, the Lego is basically a jet-black, plastic-looking, solid Fob (fringe bob) that looks like it’s been clipped on. In theory, what’s not to love? 

But the fringe is just that bit too short, the colour is just that bit too black and the whole effect is just that bit too gawd-awful. And that’s not to say I can’t appreciate the allure of a severe style. I’m a big fan of Lily Allen’s bold, blunt cut fringe but there’s a world of difference between Lily and Lego. 

The main offenders (or victims depending on how you look at it) are undoubtedly the human cartoon Katy Perry and her wannabe stripper mate Rihanna. Either they are sharing a really evil hairdresser who is taking the complete piss out of the both of them or they haven’t seen a recent photo of themselves sashaying down a red carpet. I’m all for an ironic 80s reference but Lego locks is just taking it that bit too far. 

Whatever your preference or personal style, any hair do that resembles a plastic figure – Lego, Barbie, My Little Pony – is to be avoided at all costs and if you are thinking of going to the chop and embracing the Fob, the Lego is the antithesis to what you’re going for.