Love a bit of a glow on your phizog as the weather improves? Then I’m guessing you might be quite intrigued by this newbie from Clarins, which is available now. Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, €23.50, is a smart little solution that works in tandem with your existing facial moisturiser (whether it’s oil-, gel-, or water-based) and gives you a hint of a tan.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster open bottle

Guerlain’s been here before with something similar for body, so it’s not a crazy out the water idea, but facial skincare’s always tricker. Three drops mixed with your face cream is all you need – and by way it’s a teeeeeeeny bottle – until you’ve worked up to the shade you like. Then maintain that with two drops each day. Not into it any more? Eh simple: stop using it.

Ok, one thing to note: this doesn’t contain any SPF so you’re still going to have to add that into the mix, but this is the kind of thing that loads will like for extra shade support as we head into warmer weather. No faffing with a whole new tanning product that might break you out, just add this to something you now you like and which works. Sometimes, the simplest ideas really are the best, eh?

*Might not technically be magic.