Along with the daffodils and snowdrops, the freshly sprung spring has brought with it a crop of brand new fragrances. I’m not one for switching up my perfumes – years of thumping headaches have encouraged me to stick to what I know and love. That is, until I stuck my nose into these fresh, uplifting scents. 

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge, €39.75 for 100ml

This uber-feminine bottle – think pink on pink on pink – could fool you into expecting a candied, sugar-rush of scent. Think on: utterly addictive, this re-working of the brand’s Gingembre scent mixes different varieties of ginger – crystallised, citrusy fresh and extracts of the flower, too – with sensual white musk. The result is sparkling, warm and thoroughly delish. 

Jo Malone Wisteria & Violet, €100 for 100 ml

Florals for spring? Ground-breaking. And yet… there’s something about this soft and feminine fragrance that’s beguiling (and I’m not just saying that cos Kirstie gave it to me for my birthday). 

Freshly launched this month, it’s one of four new limited scents from Jo Malone, inspired by London rain. I love the scent of violet, and this is a sweet, intense floral that’s spiked with just enough patchouli to keep it interesting. 

Clinique Calyx, €85 for 100 ml

A former Prescriptives offering, this has been relaunched by sister brand Clinique. And that’s a cause for celebration, because this, my friends, is gorgeous: a green and citrusy rush for the senses that’s loaded with grapefruit (my favourite!) and tropical fruits. Mossy, woody notes add an elegant touch – this lifts my spirits in a single spritz. 

Suddenly Madame Glamour, Lidl, €3.49 for 50ml

My bestie Jo loves Coco Mademoiselle – the scent this one ‘pays tribute to’ – so I sent her off to thoroughly test the Lidl. Now, it will never supplant the original in her affections, but still, she was pleasantly surprised. A new range of ancillaries, including shower gel, body cream and a candle, has recently launched – you could do a lot, lot worse with your pennies. 

L’Occitane Néroli & Orchidée, €57 for 75ml 

L’Occitane’s delicate, cherry blossom range used to always signify spring – but this year, Néroli & Orchidée has stolen its thunder. The latest addition to the brand’s excellent Collection de Grasse, with each scent based around two main accords, is intriguing and sensual. There’s a delicate, creamy muskiness that, with the zest of the orange blossom and white floral notes of the orchid, is staggeringly good. 

What’s putting the zing in your spring? Share your best new season scents in the comments.