Can’t afford the actual bag, created by Chanel for the 2014 cruise collection? No, well me and all, cos at about €6,700 for what’s essentially an embellished plastic lunchbox (sorry Karl), I’m really not its target market.

Alexa with her chanel perfume bottle bag

Alexa’s toting her Chanel perfume bottle bag. Pic:

What I can shell out for (and am kinda raging I’m sharing the love) is this awesome iPhone cover from Shopjeen. For iPhones 4 and 5, it’s an homage to the bag and you can even attach chain straps. Squee! All that sets you back $35, or €25, which is a bit of a saving on the tote.

Chanel  perfume bottle iPhone case

Not loving it in white? No hass: have it in black.

So are you loving it and want it, need it, totally must have it? Oh go on then, you deserve it.