In Ireland for the launch of Kildare Village’s Chic Goes Wild campaign (basically go down there and get spending), Susie Bubble was always going to draw a crowd. And she did, so when you get a ton of fashion press and bloggers together who’re gonna face up to one of the best-known contemporary names in fashion commentary, then you know everyone will up the ante a little. They did; I took pix.

Before that, Susie chatted to us in a Q&A with journalist Annmarie O’Connor about a whole host of things from blogging to Irish style (she was super-diplomatic) to designers she likes, what she’s bought this season and what she actually spends on when she goes to outlets. Yup, she goes to outlets, cos apparently she likes a barg. Oh, just like you and me. Tees, tights and basics like trainers are on her Kildare Village shopping list. There you go.

A wedding blogger would have exploded at the sight of this. Y'know, just where we ate some brekkie while listening to a Q&A between Susie and journalist Annmarie O'Connor. No biggie. Much.

Eek! Pink, beige, studs, gold, loafers: there's so much to love about Sarah McGinn from Opsh's shoes, isn't there?

Blogger Nuala Gorham from Penny and Polaroids brought on the bling with this display of arm candy. 

Oh, yeah: you can actually buy stuff in Kildare Village, which we were reminded about thanks to cute things hanging about, like these glasses, and that nice yellow clutch.

Nessa Cotter from Life's Lust Haves has some pretty serious arm candy going on there. 

Love the way stylist Justine King's green nail co-ords so nicely with her phone cover. 

This piece of Melissa Curry awesome belongs to fashion maven and all-round brilliant person Cathy O'Connor.

The fact Kildare Village has the much-coveted Prada flowered sunglasses did not escape my notice.

Lorna Weightman's iPhone cover is from ... wait for it .. PENNEYS. No, honest.

What's more #frilling than a classic tomato red pout? Irish Tatler's Sarah O'Hegarty works her No7 in Gay Geranium perfectly. 

Jennie from Opsh, your prints are charming.

La Bubble herself, mid-thought. Coat was by Louise Kennedy, top JW Anderson (she said it was coincidental she was wearing Irish designers; she just likes 'em) and lips? That's Mac Lady Danger, Frillseekers.

More table. Soz. The table rocked.

And, um, some more table. WHAT? I never gush. LET ME HAVE THIS ONE TIME.

A stylin' vintage bag bought in New York, and some matching shoes.

Sarah McGinn's cool white and metalli-mix clutch.