Thought we’d seen all there is to see from Penneys for spring/summer? Not hardly, Frillseekers, cos there’s gold in them thar hills with a whole heaping ton more of goodies landing this month and in the next couple of months.

Swimwear’s particularly strong as are accessories around it like bags and sandals, then there’s so much new jewellery-based eye candy I hardly knew where to point my camera. Hey – instead of me telling you, why not let the pix do the talking? Where I have price and launch date info I’ve provided it, by the way.

And some detail.

Isn't this awesome? €7 for the top and €5 for the bottoms, in store April.

T-bar sandals are in store now, also in black, €5.

I mean HEYOR! How D&G is this? Ans = very. This will be in and around €13.

And some detail.

Floral wedge, €18, in store now.

Mono pipe necklace, €5, in store now.

Ring stacks cost from €1.50.

Aww, poor sad bag, hiding away. Cheer up, bag.

Berlin shoe, €71.

Berlin shoe, €71.

Sunglasses, €2, in store now.