Crucially, it says it’ll stick about for eight hours too

First there was Double Wear, Estee Lauder’s full-coverage, bomb-proof longwear foundation beloved of girls prone to shine or with skin issues. It was followed by Double Wear Light, a less flat, matte iteration of the original.

The thing with Double Wear is that while it won’t move an inch when it’s on, you can absolutely tell from about a mile away that someone’s wearing it. Subtle it ain’t, so if you’re of the persuasion that wants base to ace it all day long but would like a slightly less in-your-face finish, then it strikes me that the new Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Moisture Makeup SPF 30, €38, might be just the thing.

BBs sound awesome for anyone with badly behaved skin because of their very nature – all those in-built skincare ingredients. But they tend to slip and slide a lot because they’re often very emollient. This promises to stick about, true to its franchise and name. So, this combines lighter coverage which brightens, evens and perfects skin and promises a “glossy lustre,” (I love the sound of that) along with hydration and comfort in wear. Crucially, it says it’ll stick about for eight hours too.

Eight shades should ensure a match for most and there’s a matching concealer/highlighter pen as well for €30. Both should be making their way onto counter right about now. Is this one you’ll check out?