Pic: Marckelly.ie

It’s a cruel thing when St Patrick’s Day falls on the bank holiday itself, meaning there’s no opportunity to lay about in bed the next day, groaning and drinking Lucozade until you feel like a semblance of a person once again. Nope, we’re all gonna have to go to work in the morning whether we like it or not, Frillseekers. So here are a few things (I’m assuming you’re already armed with water, Nuorfen and Dioralyte) that just might help if heads are heavy come the AM.


​Or, y’know, insert crip of choice here. I’m a bit of a Hunky Dorys girl, I’ll admit. Crips, oh how they heal a hangover. It’s all that delicious saltiness and MSG, obviously. There’s really nothing like lying, groaning under my duvet while stuffing crisps into my gob to cure me after a particularly poisoning night out. I don’t know if they’ll have the same effect at my desk, howevs …

McDonalds Breakfast

A billion calories for breakfast

Soz, but this gross shit works because it’s full of saturated fats, salt, protein and basically everything you need to get your liver to start to do its thing again and re-stock all the stuff the booze sucked back out. Yeah, I know. But it won’t kill you this once. Can’t handle a McDonalds? Have eggs, they’re the healthy hangover health-giver.

Crying woman meme


If all else fails, just let it all out, ladies. Have a good weep. You’ll feel better.

Psst: Here’s what not to do

  • Call in sick. Eh, the day after Patrick’s Day? You’ll be rumbled, stat.
  • Hair of the dog. YARGH, never works for me, anyway.
  • Mix coffee and orange juice. Yep, fluids = important but this combo is acidic and curdles in your stomach. Euurrghhhh. Stick to water, Lucozade sport or a mix of water with a little fruit juice added.

Got a favourite hangover cure? OH GOD I NEED TO KNOW. Drop it below.