Previewing this a couple of months ago, I had a fairly good idea I’d really like the Body Shop’s Vitamim E Overnight Serum in Oil, €22. Less a serum and really more an oil, this is the kind of thing my dry skin sucks up right before bed for its soothing, nourishing ways and I’d likened it to Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate; another product I adore.

Ok, they are a quite similar but not identical. This is cheaper, but you also get less in the bottle. Scent is different: Vitamim E Overnight Serum in Oil has the signature Vitamin E scent which isn’t actually entirely pleasant in this particular product once it’s been on the skin a while. Might be reacting with my skin’s chemistry or with the oils in the product, but it goes a little sour-smelling on me after a bit. Hey, I’m usually drifting off, but I have noticed it, just by-the-by.

The Body Shop's New Vitamin E Serum-in-Oil

So, this clear fluid is basically composed of wheatgerm oil along with lesser concentrations of sunflower, jojoba, marula, sesame and soya oils. Despite that it doesn’t feel oily; it’s light-weight and a couple of drops are enough to do a whole face. It’s very moisturising and I find it absolutely fine as a solo treatment without needing anything else on top.

It doesn’t cause facecheesey congestion, it absolutely does what it says it will and it delivers soft, plumped-up skin. For €22, this is a bloody bargain. Buy it.