Wanna know what you really, truly, seriously shouldn’t be doing for and to your skin? Keep reading. Creme de la Mer had its global skincare advisor, the US-based Dr Tina Alster, in Dublin yesterday for a meet, greet and Q&A with the beauty press, as well as a look-see at a couple of new products, like the SPF 50 UV Protecting Fluid, €90, above, out next week.

Intriguing and informative on all aspects of skin including lasers, scarring, rosacea, ageing and beyond, I wanted to know what Dr Alster reckoned the worst things you can do for your skin. Interested? Here they are.

Picking skin

“There’s so much dirt under nails.”

Sun exposure

“No dermatologist will ever tell you to go out in the sun. No dermatologist will say ‘the sun is good for you’. It’s the worst thing you can do for skin.”


“Scrubs cause micro-tears in skin. Use a sonic cleansing brush instead.”


“This can happen just like it happens with hair. If you’re using a lot of active ingredients like fruit acids, glycolics and retinoids, it’s just too much and skin becomes dry and gets inflamed.”


“I’m less concerned about how much water you drink – if you drink loads of water you just end up going to the bathroom a lot – and more concerned with hydrating from the outside.”

Not cleansing

“It’s better to cleanse at night and put your actives on then if you’re using them; skincare will get in better then – it’s got a captive audience.”

So, come on: Tell the truth and shame the divil – do you do any of these then, eh, eh?