I got more than a little excited last week when an update from The Fader popped up on my Facebook feed. Courtesy of musician Grimes, the online mag’d discovered Dolly Parton’s brand spankin’ new e-shop. Selling tees and various items of clothing, there’s a small but sweet accessory edit too.

And it’s not just open nine-to-five; nope, you can shop 24/7. Phewsies! So in honour of Dolly, who I’ve a massive soft spot for, here are some of her most embellished looks as well as some top tat from her shop. Enjoy!

Satin, crystals, knee-high ermine and fur epaulettes? Oh Dolly, you are a visual delight.

I sincerely hope none of this ice is real. I'd be disappoint, Dolly, if it was.

Fringing, love heart earrings and ring plus enough eyeshadow to stock your average Boots? Aw heck, it's just a day at the rodeo for Dolly.

An orange rhinestone-encrusted bermuda short-suit. Sure what else would you be wearing?

She's like sparkly Santa.

Quite restrained, but the nod to tat remains in that quaver brooch. Phew.

Late-stage Dolly.

I saw this first, righ? Tote bag, $20.

Don't you just love this? Sequins, peroxide, MAKEUP, cleavage, megawatt smile.

Well why not have a parrot as an extra accessory, eh?


Just hanging out down the farm. With 2" nails.

This Dolly keychain knocks my Lego Princess Leia into a cocked hat. $8's the damage.

INSANE. Like an experiement from the M&S Per Una factory.

And then it becomes all kinds of right. 

Mother of jaysis. Props for attention to detail, I guess?

Coffee mug? $15 and it's yours.

And to see us off, a nice piece of classic, old-school OTT Parton.