For most of us, dabbling in dye or hacking inches off is the most obvious way to update our do. But, there is a way to give your locks an overhaul without stepping foot in the hairdressers or spending a cent of your hard earned cash, and you won’t need a list of products either. Enter the extreme side parting. 

While the thoughts of a side-parting might evoke images of 80s-inspired heavily backcombed bouncy barnets (complete with a feathery fringe in most cases), side-partings started to become a bit less voluminous and over-bearing around the mid-90s and haven’t looked back since. For 2014, they’re sleek, slick and super sophisticated, and a sure-fire way to inject a bit of intrigue into your current style.

“But what if my hair is parted straight down the centre and always has been since the dawn of time?” I hear you ask. 

“Won’t that just mess up my cut?” I hear you say with a suspicious tone in your voice. 

“Will it not keep falling down over one eye throughout the day, wrecking my head in the process?” 

I hear you, peeps. But the good news is that it’s easy-peasy to adopt this current catwalk creation and not only will your new parting give tired tresses a bit of a lift, it will also help make your hair look healthier – the front sections that usually get battered by heat styling will be covered up by less processed hair, dontcha know. Oh, and did we mention it also creates the illusion of killer cheekbones? 

Yes, my fellow moon facers [she doesn’t have a moon face, SIGH – ed], it actually shaves inches off one side of said moon face and helps create a birra facial definition! 

Narsico Rodriguez side parting ss14

Narciso Rodriguez SS14

Still not convinced? Just take a look at Cara Delevingne, Amanda Seyfried or Jessica Alba – not moon facers necessarily, but in Cara and Amanda’s case, they defo have a bit more roundness going on – or the models at most the SS14 shows (my personal faves include Narcisco Rodriguez and Prada to name but a few). 

Prada side parting ss14

Prada SS14/

Forget the halo braid or fiddly fishtail plaits, this season it’s all about extreme side-parts and I for one know what I’ll be opting for once the dreaded ‘updo’ season starts…