It must be kinda tough to be John Frieda. You have this awesome saucesome market leading product in Frizz Ease serum, that no one remotely prone to poufiness can live without and you’re at the top of your game as the market leader.

Suddenly it all changes with keratin 12 week blowdry this and Moroccanoil that and the ass falls out of your frizz-taming dominance. Who uses Frizz Ease now? Can you even still get it? I dunno, but what the brand has done has licked its wounds for a bit, refined its colour care options (always good) and come right back at us with a new slew of frizz-fighting goodies.

john frieda curl cream

So the idea here is to either tamp frizz or define curls, depending on your preference. Above, you can see the new Unwind Curls Calming Créme, €7.99, and to the top you can see it in action. On the left is NATIVE, IN THE WILD FRIZZ. Untamed, un-tampered, untouched tresses are carefully and cautiously approached with a spray bottle of water to dampen, and a 10c coin size of the liquidy, relatively weightless styler. Distributed throughout, it was then blowdried into a section and the result is what you can see over on the right.

Pretty impressive, plus it didn’t feel ‘styled’. It was soft to the touch, swishy and moveable but very definitely tamed and frizz-free. 

The other product the brand demoed was the new Go Curlier Heat Activated Spray, which you can see being worked into the other side of the model’s head. Yes, I did entreat them to even her up before they let her go home. The idea with this one is that it’s all about defining frizzy curl into something sleeker. Less taming, more refining.

You’re not straightening, but you do need to heat activate to get it to work, so tonging or GHD curling will be ideal, and the brand says you’ll get 48-hour hold out of it to boot. I haven’t tested that claim, but it does give a nice instant result and there’s no weighty residue either.

As you can see in the top shot, there are some other bits and bobs which’ll be popping up at Boots like curl-appropriate shampoo and conditioner, and one for oil fans. Nourishing Oil Elixir, €13.99, is the brand’s answer to the slew of oil remedies we’ve seen in the haircare market in recent years. I’m gonna give this a whirl myself because FRIZZ, but a warning: this has more silcones ramped up in there than you can shake a stick at so avoid if they’re an issue.