Emma’s beauty stash … probably/pic:vogue.com

Would I spray myself with a zillion perfumes at once? Actually, yes

I’m lucky to have access to press samples and new launches but, even in that context, there are some beauty categories where my collection could be deemed ever-so-slightly excessive. A cursory scan of my (tiny) bedroom today revealed EIGHT cans of dry shampoo – five which were purchased myself with my dwindling, diminishing cash monies. And that’s not counting the bathroom, my handbags or my secret haircare stash behind the sofa. 

Texturising and volumising sprays are a weakness, y’see: I just can’t pass a new one by. Ditto hair oils, contouring products, and new-fangled brow doo-hickeys, because I’m convinced that the next one will actually change my life.

 Other ridiculous excesses: there are nine scented candles in my living room, many of which I burn all AT THE SAME TIME. A nonsense, as my mother would say, given they’re each at least a twenty quid splurge and you need ONE decent candle to scent an entire room. 

Would I spray myself with a zillion perfumes at once? Actually, yes, with these beauties but it would be a criminal waste of product. Tea lights for glow, one candle for throw is the rule from here on in. 

While I’m at it: mascaras. My opened stash gives me the heeby-jeebies what with the fears of bacteria and getting the pink-eye (and I don’t mean the SS14 trend). No two eyes require 86 zillion mascaras in current rotation – even with my stubby wee lashes – but while they keep making ‘em it seems I’ll keep buying ‘em – and opening and using immediately. 

What are your worst beauty excesses? Come on now, share with the group in the comments!