It’s easy to get swept up in the DRAMZ of Mac’s endless limited edition collections and forget a) that it has a truly unshakeable core offer which makes it the go-to brand for makeup artists and b) that sometimes some of those limited edition edits aren’t actually all that.

Looking at the putty colours and off-kilter editing in the Proenza Schouler collection (the range shots are here) with my somewhat jaundiced eye (I’ve been doing this a long time …) I did think it looked swish, but might be completely gack in wear. Actually, I was kinda wrong. It *is* a very fashiony edit, but it’s a fashiony edit of two distinct halves.

mac Proenza Schouler collection

So you’ve got the tomato red lip and nude nail story (me), and then the goth chick fashion girl story (not me, or not since I was 17) with the black polish and sheer plum lip. Liner and blush act as the supporting characters, but essentially the collection works. And, DAT PACKAGING.

The product pix look a lot prettier than the shades appear in real life; this is quite primary and spare. I’ve gotten a few products ahead of its May launch to check out. Here they are.

mac Proenza Schouler collection lipsticks

Lipstick in Mangrove, a matte orange red, and Primrose, a lustre formula, €26.50 each.

mac Proenza Schouler collection ombre blush

mac Proenza Schouler collection ombre blush

Blush Ombre in Ocean City, €31. Matte shades of beige and bright coral combine.

mac Proenza Schouler collection pro longwear eye pencil

Pro Longwear Eye Liner in Rich Experience, €23, a very dark brown.

mac Proenza Schouler collection nail polish

Nail Lacquer in Thimbleweed, a creme shade, €14.50.

Ok, some things: if you like sparkle, you are bang out of luck. If you like baby pink, you are bang out of luck. If you like girly shizz, you are bang out of luck. This is tough, feminine luxe beauty and boy do I like it.

Here’s how it looks. 

Mac/proenza schouler on the face

That’s Mangrove on my lips (GET ON ‘EM AND STAY ON EM), the blush on my cheeks and the liner on my … you can guess.

mac Proenza Schouler collection swatches

mac Proenza Schouler collection nail swatch

Swatches of everything I’ve gotten. I hate that purple – it’s just not a me shade and the lustre formula I find hard to get to grips with – but this is a very good collection. Big thumbs up. Roll on May.