Nope, it ain’t the prettiest of pictures but it is worth a place on the site because what it heralds is the news that Space NK is finally opening a standalone store in Ireland. Sure, there’s already a concession at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum, but this is awesome-sauce for those of us who can’t get out there on a regular basis. Like, for example, me. Yay!

The new store will be located in the Body Shop’s old premises (they’ve moved down beside McDonalds) and there’s work going on in there right now. I’ve contacted the brand for the official word, so I’ll let you know dates and deets when I know ’em. In the meantime, let’s all do a big yay.

Earley doors

In more news of startling awesomeness, who knew Liz Earle had a counter at Liffey Valley Boots? And that it’s been there since before Christmas? Eh, not me until this week, peeps. The counter has the entire colour cosmetic line as well as selected skincare. Wilde & Green remain stockists too but this makes it much easier for those of us who might find it a bit easier to get to the Valley of Lovely. (Er, me).

Now tell me this and tell me no more, JUST HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITED ARE YOU!?