So, if you’re Santi White, and Smashbox asks you design a limited edition collection. What do you do? Come up with a vision that’s all about a post-2012 world, heavily inspired by Mayan imagery, of course. Adorned with her own collage art, the collection features shadow palettes, liner, lipgloss, nail stickers (a brand first) and a jewel. Launch date is May 28th, so a while to go yet.

Smashbox Santigolden Apocalypse Now shadow palette

Smashbox Santigolden Earth as we know it palette

The two shadow palettes, €32 each, come in Earth As We Know It (apple green, soft sparkling cream, dark matte blue, dark sparkly forest green, raisin with rosegold pearl) and Apocalypse Now (shimmery teal, sparkling pewter, matte black, shimmery oyster, bright golden orange) and are a mix of wet/dry shadows in matte and shimmer.

Smashbox Santigolden eye pencils

Also for eyes? Two of these double-ended Limitless Eye Liners, €19. Shades are El Dorado and Azurite Is Never Wrong which combines bright blue and soft gold plus Yellow Dwarf and Green Martian, a bright yellow and mint green combo.

Smashbox Santigolden lip glosses

Here’s what’s happening for lips: two shades of Be Legendary Lip Gloss, €19, in All Gold E’rything (sheer copper sparkle) and Hot Lava (orange red). There’s also a special jewel incoming, the Be Legendary Lipstick Ring, €45. It’s a collectible snake-pyramid ring (see it in the very top pic) that’s adorned with Swarovski crystals and has a limited-edition shade of Be Legendary Lipstick in Still Kickin’, hidden in the top.

Another brand first are the Nail Polish Art Strips, €13. Two variants are coming in Serpent Charmer and Eye of The Beholder. I’ve seen these and they’re pleasantly bonkers and graphic.

So – will you be picking anything up?