Pic: ft.com

Often spotted with a Nokia to his ear long after the rest of the known world had moved to smartphones, Enda Kenny was said to be bereft when his beloved Nokia came to a soggy end in a sink. 

Enda Kenny looking puzzled with an iPhone

Pic: politics.ie

Apparently our glorious leader loved his ancient Nokia so much because it was hack-proof but I think we all know the real reason, and it is illustrated perfectly by this picture. ‘Nuff said.

Old school Nokia case for iPhone

And so, since it’s nearly his birthday (April 24th, to be exact) he can relive those simpler and more glorious, pre-smartphone days with this iPhone cover, $15, from Shopjeen. Mimicking the old 3310, it’s not quite Enda’s pre-sink disaster model, but sure it’s close enough. And if you’re quick it’ll arrive in time for the big day too. Oh, think how pleased he’ll be.

Whether he’ll be able to play Schnake on it now, is a whole other ballgame.