I’m convinced: this is absolutely the brand’s best base to date

I have to admit: I was sceptical when I first heard the claims. When Kirstie broke the news of this Benefit newbie, she reckoned it was one of two things: either a dirty big liar (ok, I’m paraphrasing) or the second coming of Christ (possibly paraphrasing again).

Is it a foundation, we wondered? A CC cream? A must-have or a mere flash in the pan? And what the heck does bigger than BB cream mean, anyway?

I’ll tell you, Frillseekers, what it means: my favourite Benefit launch in living memory, is what it means. Admittedly, I have the memory of a goldfish, but still, I’m convinced: this is absolutely the brand’s best base to date.

Frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn what category this falls into (though for the record, it’s a CC cream, but with a pretty special cream-to-powder finish). All I care about is what it does, and what it does is pretty feckin’ great – especially if you’ve got combination skin, like me.

Emma wearing Benefit Big Easy

The results are only gorgeous – in these photos, I had been sick for more than a week and was heading back to work, looking a bajillion times better than I felt. (Note to self: as career moves go, this is possibly not the best.)

A dollop of this cushiony, easy-to-blend cream makes everything look brighter and healthier and smoother, and there’s a decent amount of coverage in there too; it’s edging towards the medium end of the light-to-medium scale.

Plus, with a bunch of oil balancing and regulating ingredients, it keeps my mug shine free all day, while feeling lovely and velvety and lightweight on the skin.

SPF 35 and six available shades makes it worth the €37 outlay, in my book – other BB/CC favourites, by Dior, Chanel, Clinique and Estee Lauder, are spendier still – except for just one thing. The sterling to euro conversion is, yet again, weighted against us: this is £27.50 in the UK and I really wish Benefit would reassess their Irish pricing.

That bugbear aside, what can I add except this: ba da ba da da, I’m lovin’ it!