It’s all very well me telling you about the moisturisers and day creams I like, but I’ve only got one skin and that’s an old lady wizened one.

So I thought it might be instructive to ask the massive (er, you lot on Twitter, do follow us @frillseeker), what you all like to use on a daily basis, just to spread the pool out a little. And indeed it did: back came recommendations for oily skin, dry skin, rosacea-prone complexions and more. Pricepoints range from a fiver to one hundred and five, so it’s interesting to see what we’ll spend on our skin too. Let me know in a comment if you’ve tried any of the products rec’d too, eh?

@pamile reckons Nivea's bargain-tastic Daily Essentials Oil Free Moisturising Day Cream For Oily to Combination Skin is doing the trick nicely. At €5.49, this is the cheapest product recommended by readers and you might be interested to know that Nivea is actually Ireland's #1 mass skincare brand, fact fans.

Vichy's another brand with huge resonance in the Irish market and if you've got blemish-prone skin then Normaderm's the range for you. No surprise it popped up and was recommended by @EdelMHennessey. Available in pretty much every pharmacy in the country, at €15.99, this is an affordable spend that performs and the fact there's a whole range means skin can be cared for around the clock.

I'm also using Clinique's Superdefense SPF20, same as @MyBeautyNotes. This is a great daily pick: decent SPF level, good hydration and the ability to layer well with other products like oils and serums mean I'm really liking it. Pricier at €52, but it does come in a couple of skintype options, which is great.

Steamcream's an interesting pick from @mandycantfocus. This is a balm-type moisturiser made using a steam emulsifying technique which helps it to feel light and absorbable. At €16.50, very affordable too and as it's from the peeps behind Lush, it's got natural niceness.

La Roche-Posay's a bit of an auld fave with Frillseeker's readers, eh? @robo_jobo rates Hydraphase Intense Riche (excellent for dehydrated skin) while @C_Musings goes for Rosalaic UV Riche (hello rosacea). Both are super-affordable too at €21.50 and €22 respectively, considering just how targeted, specific and effective this French pharmacy brand is.

Vichy gets another mention here too: @StyleMeCurvy rates Aqualia Thermal Light a lot. A lovely hydrating moisturiser that's a boon for oily or combo skin, you can pick it up for €21.99. 

I love this Kiehl's product and practically drank my pot of it in about a month. Super Multi-Corrective Cream, €56, is cushiony, comforting and a beautiful product for anyone looking for their skincare to do a little bit extra. @mccabelm's a fan.

Oh, hello Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, €105, did you know you've a few fans among the Frillseeker contingent? I love you (though I'll 'fess I'm not fond of your scent) and so do @GrainneAhern and @Lynnie31e. This soft, smoothable (totally a word) cream is very plumping. If you're worried about first lines and post-30 dehydration, try it.

@MontyC's a fan of Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition nourishing cream, €66, one of Chanel's recently re-formulated skincare creams, which benefits from lots of new technology. This is one for you if feeding dry skin is what you're after.

Proving No7's innovations were no mere fluke, two readers, @scarie and @PaulaKelly2013, declared their love for Protect and Perfect Day Cream. This has a low but adequate SPF which shields against both UVA and UVB rays and combines the technology pioneered in the famous serums. It's €29.