If there’s one thing Phil Mitchell knows – apart from keeping it in the fah-mleee, of course – is that when you’re feeling a little porky, black’s the way to go.

S’why we never see Phil in bright colour, innit? Nope, Phil knows that when he’s coming down the apples and pears in the Queen Vic or intimidating Ian Beale that a nice item of slimming black will play to his strengths the best.

So if you ate all the pies eggs this Easter, then you could do worse than take a leaf from his book. Here are five easy-peasy ways to just that. Enjoy!

Looking a bit chipmunky in the cheek dept this AM? *burp*. These face-slimming jewelled, tasseled earrings by Mango are on sale at Asos right now. Down from €31, they're just €9.13. An illusory bargain!

Cast your entire face into shadow and hide newly-formed double chins and wobble with this Brixton Messer hat, €42, on Nastygal.

A nice wide belt's always a good option to tuck flab into; wear with a full midi to really disguise poundage. Result! H&M Conscious collection belt, €49.95.

Goddamn those fat-looking nails and lips, eh? Disguise hands with Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish nail polish in Black Cab, €4.55; lips can be slimmed down with Illamasqua's Pristine Lipstick, €17.10, on Debenhams.ie.

Got a bit of lard/cake/chocolate retention going on around the ankle/calf/knee areas? Then simply pop on this pair of Peony silver trim high boots, £220stg, from Topshop on and bingo! Problem solved.