this is essentially the same thing Lucas sells, but y’know, different enough to pass muster

Ok, so this is a little confusing. Let me explain. Lucas Paw Paw ointment is one of those cult classic beauty products Aussies confidently rave about and people bring back from their Gap Yahs, swearing blind it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

It’s never been easy to get that all-purpose ointment Europe-side though: occasionally it pops up on the odd online beauty store or other but generally, nah, you really do need to have a pal down under to ensure consistency of supply.

Dr Pawpaw original balm

So Dr Pawpaw is an unashamed copy. And the brand is making no bones about that fact either: with a different name, another primary hue for the tube and a ‘lil bedazzle of the ingredients too, this is essentially the same thing Lucas sells, but y’know, different enough to both pass muster yet not alienate Lucas fans.

Dr Pawpaw original balm - texture

I should point out that I’ve never tried the original; but I can’t count how many all-purpose balms I have slathered on. This is really thick but once you force it out of the tube it’s very melting and works well on cuticles, lips and dry skin bits.

Use it the same way you’d use Eight Hour Cream, in fact, because in formulation they’re really not a million miles away from each other. This also has petrolatum as its main ingredient, which helps to act as a barrier to seal in the other ingredients which are skin-nourishing: soothing aloe, moisturising olive and papaya (or pawpaw), which is an antioxidant and the reason for the product in the first place.

Currently only available at Harvey Nichols in Dundrum it’s a bargain at €8.95; the brand’s hoping to be available in pharmacy soon too. If you’re a bit of a wham, balm, thank you ma’am fan, then it’s totally one to check out.