Sitting on this news since, oh, January or so, it’s been bursting, BURSTING, out of me, I tell you. But I was sworn to secrecy until now, so it’s with great joy (seriously, this is joyous and no exaggeration) it can finally be spaketh of: as part of Brown Thomas Dublin’s beauty hall reno – happening right now – the Charlotte Tilbury brand will be landing in August.

Shit hot news and no mistake. I’d beaten a trail to the only current counter at Selfridges in London last September when it opened there to have a look, and was duly impressed at the small slivers I could see among the heaving masses clamouring to buy; Dublin will be just the second counter the brand opens.

We’ll get the entire range too, barring the odd limited edition that may be out of date come August, but what a range it is. Euro pricing is still being firmed up, rest assured the point was made by all Irish editors about sterling-to-euro conversions so fingers firmly crossed on that score. 

Right now, let’s have a gander at the collection as it stands. I’ve a few pieces to try as well, so more on those anon.

Here's how this brand is different: where other brands let you fumble about choosing shades and colours, Charlotte Tilbury is based around a core of 10 looks, and everything's tailored for them. So you choose the ingenue, the golden goddess or the rock chick, for example, and buy products to suit those looks - or of course go your own way. The idea is to demystify for the 50% (Charlotte's figure) of women who are baffled by beauty.

Lipsticks are lovely. Trust.

The whole range, on display.

Some blush and shadow quads.

The Cheek to Chic blushers are interesting: the outer ring is used all over the cheek area; the inner as a 'pop' on the apple. There are six in total.

I've already got one of these and it's awesome; there are eight Colour Chameleon pencils which are designed to maximise your own eye colour. These have a little playtime and then they set. Hard. So you can use to softly line, make a smokey or use as shadow. A really great product.

One of the range standouts, the Filmstar bronze and glow is a gorgeous contour palette.

Another look at it.

Charlotte Tilbury designed the Tom Ford makeup range and her expertise shows both in his line and in hers. These products are the most strikingly similar but at a much lower pricepoint. They are divine and with eight shade variations, lots of choice across jewel, neutrals, cool and warm tones. Charlotte has a cute way of describing the shades: your top two are for day, bottom right is for dusk, and bottom left (the sparkle) is for disco. LOVE IT. Even though I haven't been to a disco in, um, years.

More shadow.

Whaddya know? Some more shadow.

Getting the hang of this yet?

Some very quick swatches of The Rock Chick palette. Of course, this was the one I opted for. 

Foundation seems ace. Pale shades right up to fairly dark are on offer in a creamy consistency and there are 10 in total.

More foundation. Oh foundation. We love you.

12 gloss shades plus one web exclusive are available. This is a bit more like a lip lacquer and there are a lot of pink/nude shades so you're quids in if you're a fan.

This is how the brand samples lipstick. Adorbs! There's a little lip-shaped sample inside, you kiss it to apply.

Some of the 10 shades of lipstick. There are some lovely nudes and a perfect red, fuchsia and rosewood colours.

Wahoo! The Magic Cream! I have some of this holy grail wonder. I shall report.

Goddamn, it's pretty, isn't it?

While you can't really see it in this shot, the brushes are clever: they've got beveled handles, so no rolling. Smart.

Powder is fine and very lightweight.

A skincare-primer-luminiser hybrid, the Wonder Glow's one I want to get to grips with - cos I'm a bit sceptical right now. I'm not 100% sure it really does anything massively much right now. But hey, I'm happy to be converted.