Eau de Rose is my idea of expensive and elegant chic

I’ve tried, I really have. I’ve lined my windowsill with perfect pastel polishes. There are bright orange and electric blue nail paints displayed on my desk in work. I drooled with the rest of you when Kirstie sneak peeked YSL’s summer collection – those blues! But I keep coming back to this one, #41, Eau de Rose. 

This was a mid-season launch, dropping between spring and summer, and while limited you’ll still find it on counter now. Part of the five-shade La Laque Couture Spicy collection, Eau de Rose is my idea of expensive and elegant chic. 

YSL eau de rose nail polish

I’m aware it’s not quite to everyone’s taste. Isn’t it perfect, I sighed dreamily to Rosemary, who looked dubious before branding it just a little bit Barbie. But to me, it’s anything but: the perfect 

YSL eau de rose nail polish - swatch

blend of peach and baby pink, it’s exactly the shade I’d imagine would grace far wealthier fingers than mine. With much less raggedy cuticles. 

It’s also lovely to use, isn’t streaky and lasts a decent few days without chipping. Yes, for €24, you’d expect that – though with pricey polish, that logic doesn’t always apply. 

What’s your favourite seasonal shade?