Top pic: terrarium selection from West Elm.

They’re pleasingly retro, your mother won’t point and go, “what manner of quare yoke is that you’ve got yourself now,” and even if you’re more mean-fingered than green-fingered, anyone can pretty much get to grips with a terrarium; you just dail down the neediness of what you put inside. Originally popular in the 70s and presented in heavy, thick green glass bottles, new tech is allowing terrariums to be just that bit prettier. Oh, yay!

Terrarium from Chive UK

Terrarium, Chive UK.

They’re retro-modern

Just like Tupperware and Lazy Susans, terrariums remind me of the 1970s, sci-fi films made in the 1970s, HAL (oh god, terrarium, don’t try to control me, please), but 2014’s versions have a contemporary gloss that’ll make them look good in a modern setting.

You don’t need a garden

Garden? I can barely remember what that is after 10 years in the shoebox of negative equity. Balcony? Bal..cone-ee? What’s that? Point is, you don’t need outdoor space to enjoy one of these bad boys.

They’re space-saving

Fit your entire plant-based needs into a glass vial that’s less than 30cm in diameter. It can make a table centrepiece, sit on the floor or live in your bathroom if you pick the right plants. Or – here’s the really crazy bit – you could have TWO. Or THREE.

Terrarium from West Elm

Terrarium, West Elm.