From backstabbing plot twists to the bevy of beardy men, I challenge you to not love everything about it

If you haven’t already started devouring Game of Thrones, I urge you to start watching it immediately. And don’t even bother with the whole ‘but isn’t all that fantasy medieval stuff just for weirdos?’ line of defense because GOT is literally the best thing I’ve watched in months, nay years.

From the backstabbing plot twists to the bevy of beardy men, I challenge you to not love everything about it (just to warn you, it will also make you start saying things like ‘nay’ and ‘I challenge you’). Ok, your sanity and general sartorial swagger might be questioned if you try to emulate the frocks but anyone who attempts GOT hair is bang on the money.

From Khaleesi’s metallic mane to bitchface Cersei’s blonde barnet, GOT is hair heaven, even if some of the styles we see are wigs. Here’re our faves.

Khaleesi’s peroxide and plaited perfection 

Apart from being pretty badass, Danerys Targaryen aka Khaleesi’s silvery mop (top pic) has undoubtedly helped make her the star of the show. Even when she’s travelling through the desert, chowing down on a heart or commanding her army, her braids look immaculate and the more powerful she becomes, the better her hair looks. 

Sansa Stark's hair

Sansa’s titan tresses and intricate upstyles 

Poor aul Sansa seems to change her hairdo depending on the lady she’s trying to emulate in an effort not to get killed or beaten. But luckily for us viewers, that means her look is constantly evolving, and we’ve been treated to plenty of pretty French plaits, medieval victory rolls and halo inspired creations since season one. From her less-is-more Winterfell staples to the coiffed crowns she sported while trying to court Joffrey (why Sansa, WHY???) this girl got good gruaig. 

Cersei Lannister's hair

Cersei’s seemingly simple styles 

She might be a scheming incestuous brother-lovin’ bitch but Cersei’s burnt blonde half-up, half-down waist length wavy barnet is the perfect upstyle for anyone with longer than shoulder length hair. It varies throughout, but whatever style she’s sporting, her hair has a DIY vibe that gives me faith that I could probably recreate her looks myself – with the help of a curling wand, arsenal of styling products and about a million bobby pins to hand, of course. 

Catelyn Stark's hair

Catelyn’s fuss-free plaits 

When you’re helping your son fight a war and are traveling from camp to camp on horseback, a no-nonsense do is essential and that’s probably why Ned’s widow opts for a handy French plait halo hybrid. This style will even work on short hair so it’s perfect if you don’t possess the obligatory medieval mane that Catelyn does.

Have you got a fave? Perhaps The Hound’s does it for you? Drop a comment below and let us know.