Like Aoibihinn, I’ve been giving the whole co-washing thang a go of late. Unlike Aoibhinn, I haven’t been quite so enamoured. She concocted a personalised version involving conditioner first, shampoo second which she reckoned worked a treat on her colour-treated hair. I decided to forego any shampoo with my trials and wash with conditioner alone. 

With fine hair that’s prone to frizz, and lots of that fine hair at that, I reckoned co-washing would be right up my hirsute highway. Discovered by women with afro and unmanageable locks, the idea here is that the lack of sulphates and surfactants is kinder to hard-to-handle hair and anyway, conditioner has mild cleansers in it anyway, so it can be enough for some hair types.

What I found was that because I have a pile of nourishing, deep-treatment conditioner on the side of the bath, these proved just a bit too much to wash with. Hair felt weighty and lank post-wash and not light and frizz-free. I’m guessing it’s a matter of hitting on the right conditioner combo for your hair, and hell, who has the time?

So what might serve me and other co-wash fence-sitters a little better is a specifically-formulated cleansing conditioner. Brands, eager to capitalise on the trend, are formulating these and bringing them to market, verily as I type. Because I found my own rich conditioners too much, perhaps these might work a little more effectively for me? Here are four I’m keen to try, and one that’s gonna be a goer if your hair is coloured, below.

  1. Macadamia Flawless is not cheap at €28 on Feel Unique (you should be able to bag it at Boots as well) but it’s a kind of BB-alike product for hair in that it does a ton of things including leaving hair more manageable and cutting down on drying time.
  2. This is Ojon’s first Cleansing Conditioner and it’s around €25 – find it at Boots or Arnotts.
  3. ​Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Conditioner, €40, is a silicone-free fix that’s particularly tipped for mid-to-long hair “that needs immediate and ultra-gentle detangling, and extra softness on lengths.” Hi, me!
  4. Palmers Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, €7.79, is the cheapest one on offer and also absolutely mahh-hoosive at 473ml. Find it at Feel Unique.


Grow Gorgeous Co-wash

This: Grow Gorgeous already has a co-wash but the brand is going one better with co-washes for coloured hair. Blondes and brunettes specifically, and prismatic technology is the thing. Designed to reflect light more effectively, it will work best on dyed, as opposed to naturally-shaded hair, and expect to pay about €24ish for them at Boots. They should be landing soon.

So, co-washing: have you tried it? Will you try it? Answers on a postcard, below.