Firstly, apols for the poor photography in this post but my iPhone was the only tool to hand. Secondly, I’m as new to Radical Skincare as you might be, but this product, the SPF 30 Skin Perfecting Screen – which I don’t even have a sample of yet – deserves a post now, because it’s doing something new so incredibly well straight off the bat.

That thing? Texture.


Yes, I know that pic looks a bit like boobs. No, it’s not. But what it’s meant to illustrate is the fact that Radical’s done something, well, radical. Facial sunscreen is often heavy and claggy. As a sensorial experience it’s an ugh. This is water-light and so fine that when you spread it, it’s immediately gone into the skin, as it is in the picture on the right. I had to do it twice I was so surprised.

Sure, there are some very good screens out there already, but issues for us end users are inevitably ones of weight, irritation, pore-clogging and extra hassle. I think Radical, with this soon-to-launch SPF 30 Skin Perfecting Screen, €42, which contains 100% broad spectrum non-chemical filters, might just have cut down on at least a couple of those objections.

The brand’s about to arrive in Harvey Nichols but can be bought on Net a Porter right now. There are a couple of other interesting bits and bobs from it as well; definitely one to watch.