In the future, Storm Troopers will be in charge of 3D printed makeup. Probably.

“We live in a world where you can take a picture of your friend’s lipstick and then print it out.” That’s the claim Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi is making for her kick-ass invention, Mink

An at-home desktop 3D printer to use to create your own makeup, Grace’s game-changer is all about enabling you to bring the beauty floor home, and at much cheaper prices. See a shade you like online? Sample it, and using any existing graphics software like Photoshop, Paint or Gimp, you can create an image of it, then print it. Mink uses substrates the same as any 3D printer, so those you’d have to buy – though she says the plan is for finished printables to be much cheaper than those you’d purchase – and final development’s some time off (prices are estimated to be around $300) so there’s no on sale date yet.

But this doesn’t just print out a swatch of colour you can then apply to lids. Nu-huh. It prints out a fully finished shadow pan, which can be inserted in a palette. Blow me down with a feather. This, if it gets to market, is going to change … EVERYTHING.

Watch the video for Grace’s recent presentation and let me know what you think in comments. Clearly, there are things we wanna know, like how do you control finishes and pigmentation?  I’m not so sure I’d be happy to ditch the variety, ingenuity and competition of the beauty biz for a machine that can just print chalky pink eyeshadow; and do you need to buy different substrates to create a lipstick or a blusher?

Tell me all your feels, below.