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Investing a little more time on the pre- holiday prep equals A LOT more time to chug mojitos while away

Here’s a nice bit of girly maths for you. When it comes to holiday beauty, investing a little more time on the pre-holiday prep equals A LOT more time to chug mojitos while away. I’m not spouting any of that bikini-body guff – hells no; and I’d advocate a vintage style one-piece or one of these high waisted numbers, in any event – but there are a couple of clever holiday beauty hacks that will cut down on poolside primping and maximise your fun in the sun.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: laser hair removal has properly changed my life. That pre-holiday deforestation – with accompanying razor rash, ingrown hairs or angry red post-waxing pores – was the bane of my life. Once the privilege of the wealthy, the price has come down considerably in recent years; I’ve tried several clinics and Urbana, on Dublin’s Wicklow Street, comes out top for style, service and efficiency. 


I’m not a big self-bronzer but I do squeeze in a spray tan before I head off on my hols. Baring my limbs in a skimpy sundress – when they’ve been swaddled in cardies and black opaques just moments before – is a lot less jarring if those limbs are already a nice, golden brown. Brazilia on Wicklow Street have introduced a new Lyco-Bronze Rapid Spray Tan, €25, and people, it’s a good ‘un. The Lycon formula moisturised my skin and gave me a nice, deep but natural looking colour which faded gradually – as my natural tan developed. 


Last but not least: eye prep. A well maintained brow and defined lashes is quite often all that’s required with a tan. Christoph, in the Powerscourt Centre, is my go-to for lash extensions, but this time I tried something more subtle. The Yumi lash treatment from Bespoke Beauty in Donnybrook is a non-invasive way to give oomph to your natural lashes – no inserts or adhesives required. My poker straight little lashes were tinted and curled till they looked longer, more fluttery and – a biggy in my book – were actually visible without any mascara at all. 

What are your pre-holiday beauty essentials?