Y’know, fashion really shouldn’t feel the need to come full-circle on all things. Bum bags are a really good case in point; worn by hipsters aiming for ironic/cool status, soz babez, you just look like Napoleon Dynamite.

Napoleon Dynamite

“Don’t touch my bumbag, brah.”

This little feller from Parfois does kinda fit the bill, though. It’s the Retro Sport Colors Petit Cross Bag, it’s €24.95​, and it’s hitting a few trends bang-smack on the head. 1. Tiny cross-bodies: tick. 2. Arty, painterly effects: check. 3. The resurgence of the bum, or ‘utility bag’, as seen at Chanel and Alexander Wang. Tick, tick, tick. 

Plus, it transforms from cutesie weekend city tote into something that’ll take you around Electric Pic-a-nic for the weekend and stay with you, even if your mind doesn’t. How?

Retro Sport Colors Petit Cross Bag, €24.95, Parfois

Cos it comes with an extra strap to use as a waist-anchoring mechanism, that’s why. In fairness this is more pouch than bag and this is why I can get on board with it. It’s a sweet structured shape, it won’t make your hips look huge and it’ll just about fit your phone, case and chewing gum. Job done.