D’ya remember there a couple of weeks ago I told you the super-awesome news about Charlotte Tilbury’s eponymous and gorgeous brand launching into Ireland in August? Uhuh, and you can read all about that here. But what I might not have mentioned is that I met Charlotte on the day, and she was not only incredibly enthusiastic about her brand, so was excellent to listen to, but she was also superbly adorned with some very intriguing #PersonalFrills.

So I asked for a photo.

Charlotte Tilbury's hands and rings

And here’s the result. Earrings by Jade Jagger, old charm bracelets and a jewelers-worth of rings made up her gems on the day we met. The rings? Well now: various vintage pieces and gifts, but there are two notables: that big silver ring with the stones came from Charlotte’s grandmother, who was from Kilkenny, and the beautiful gold ring with the big green stone?

Oh, y’know, just a recent present from none other than Kate Moss. Consider us officially star-struck.