Oh boy what a revelation

It’s not glam. It’s not pretty. It doesn’t make me look nicer, younger or more girly. No one admires the packaging, but I couldn’t care less because this is one of the best products I’ve ever tried. And it’s a blimmin’ sweat-stopper. But it’s so awesome I’ve re-purchased multiple times since it was first sent to me, and that’s because it really works, Here’s why.

Sure Maximum Protection Anti-Perspirant, €7.99, is one of those long-last, no-sweat promisers I didn’t think would, or could, do the trick. See, I sweat. If I was to wear (and I don’t; because I sweat), a grey marl top for example, there’d be marks on it in an hour. It wouldn’t really matter if it wasn’t crazy warm, it’s just the way I am. Then I ran out of my usual spray deo, and had this hanging around in a bag of samples, so started using it around last September/October or so.

And, oh boy what a revelation. I swear, I didn’t sweat for about six months. It’s a twist-up cream that you’re meant to apply at night, to give the actives a better chance of getting to work when you’re least likely to be doing anything strenuous that might lead to sweating, and then by the morning the protection level is optimum. I can’t get my head around that, sorry Sure.

I read the instructions, nodded my head; proceeded to apply in the AM, It seems counter-intuitive to me to put on deodorant BEFORE BED. Anyway, if you’re a night-time shower person this may work well for you. I find morning is fine, and if you’re using it daily the level of protection seems to be at a level after a couple of days anyway.

So, does it work? YES. During the late autumn and winter, I really felt massively confident that it was keeping all sweating at bay. Now that it’s gotten warmer – particularly in April which had a lot of quite sunny days – I did find that when I was rushing around a lot that I was finding it wasn’t performing quite so amazingly well. No massive pit stains or anything, but a bit of a damp feeling. I could tell I was sweating and it wasn’t keeping it all locked up tight like it had been. That wasn’t necessarily translating into marks on clothes, but I did notice.

And then the thing is, if you do find that you have some of what I’m dubbing breakthrough sweating, be very aware that this isn’t a deodorant. Nope, as an anti-perspirant, it stops sweat, not masks it. So, if you think there might be a summer-based smelly sitch in your day, have a spray of deo as well.

Any other downsides? It’s not cheap, but it is worth it. I’m definitely not baulking at paying the money for it, and the cream does leave marks on clothes. But, and it’s a happy but, they wash completely out.  All in all? Totes worth a try if you’re sad about sweating, and looking for something to sort it.