Fragrance specialist and two-time brand builder, Jo Malone, was in town this week – the latest speaker in the Image Magazine Networking series, which celebrates smart, successful women. 

Marker Hotel rooftop bar

The view from the Marker Hotel, where Jo entertained guests

Ahead of yesterday’s gig – another smash hit, according to our Twitter feed – we caught up with the lady herself, for a glass of bubbly, a bit of a chit chat, and to ferret out these facts.

ONE Jo loves Ireland 

She really, seriously does. Dublin was one of three key markets for her first brand, Jo Malone London (which she sold to Estee Lauder in 1999). The other two? New York and LA, so we’re in good company. They’re equally significant cities for her new baby, Jo Loves, which was founded in 2011.

TWO She’s our type of woman 

Not only is she grounded and funny and smart, but she dresses like the rest of us, too! She may have been sporting a gorgeous Louise Kennedy guna on the night (see point #1) – but she still shops in Penneys. And we know this because…


the inspiration for Pomelo, her first Jo Loves perfume, struck as she queued in the Oxford Street Primark, for some basic white tees. She’s happiest surrounded by the citrusy fragrance, which she describes as her oldest, best friend; she’s even used it on her wooden floors and pet pooch, Terry!

FOUR She smells amazing 

Like, seriously amazing. Unfortunately we’re not quite sure of what, because it won’t launch till September and doesn’t have a name. Yet. So watch this space!

Jo Loves candle

FIVE The key to the perfect perfumerie candle?

Apparently, it’s all in the wick. It must be positioned exactly for perfect wax pooling and optimum throw. “It’s a very mathematical formula,” Jo tells us, “which I’ve devoted the last year of my life to figuring out.” And if the wick starts to curl? It’s simply not strong enough – the fragrance is pulling it to over to one side.

SIX She’s got a secret room

Yup, there is Secret Room at the back of the Jo Loves flagship store, on Elizabeth Street in London. Terribly exciting things are happening in this room RIGHT NOW, to be unveiled next spring. Our lips are sealed till a later date, but here’s a hint: think lifestyle, and think experimental.

flowers and champagne

SEVEN Her fragrance is fab

Spicy and addictive, Jo Loves’ Pink Vetiver fragrance is probably our new favourite scent.

The Jo Loves brand is currently available to buy online for Irish customers; watch this space for news of its arrival on our shores.