She’s one of the UK’s most respected nail names and has topped tips at key shows for years. Now Mac’s tapped Marian Newman to create two nail ranges and we’ll be seeing the first of those, Transformations, landing in July.

A suite of nine permanent nail toppers to change the shade or finish of an existing colour or to use on bare nails, at first it sounds all a bit ‘been there, done that’. Newman used the finishers on some AW14 shows like Anya Hindmarch’s, and while they riff on existing products, she does take the idea a good bit further.

Then there’ll be four creme colours which’ll arrive as part of the A Novel Romance collection, which is out in August/September time. She’s of the opinion that women probably don’t really want lots of cray nail art. Instead, they want one great shade – so that’s what these are designed to be. For more pix and first looks, click into the gallery.

Marian's presenting a first look at her colours from A Novel Romance and Nail Transformations.

Here's one of the Transformations up close. There are ones to brighten up a colour, one to turn a shade into a duochrome, one to add a 'shadow', pearl effects and texture too.

Awful pic, sorry! These are all the transformations, which Marian herself says, just look like bottles of whitish polish, and the creme shades. They'll work with Mac polishes as well as any other polish you might have. Plus, use over a basecoat, on naked nails, over gel - the choice is yours.

Ok, here's where you can begin to see what they can do: on the colorwheel, pinned to the centre is the un-tampered shade. Then a Transformation is painted onto each tip so you can get an idea of what it'll do to your existing colours.

Another look at the cremes. Date TBC.

Marian talking press through her range, and the shows she worked on for AW14.