The Rouge Supreme Matte Unlimited Lipstick formula from Shu Uemura is one I’ve wanted to check out since it launched last year. One of those new-gen mattes that we like so much, you’re not talking a dry, chalky old-school chapper like Mac Ruby Woo (gorgeous, but ouch), and instead a finish that gives you the all-important matte appearance, but which manages to feel comfortable in wear.

Ain’t science grand?

So with an absolutely massive €2.36 sitting on my Brown Thomas loyalty card, begging to be spent before it expired, I picked up one of the Matte Unlimiteds in 355, €21.50, which is one of those coral-pink shades I love a lot.

Shu Uemura Rouge Supreme Matte Unlimited Lipstick in 355

I never got over Force of Love from Mac’s Chen Man collection and while I do still have a nub of it I use on very special occasions, and this isn’t a match by a long shot, it is a great shade I’ll happily wear with much gusto. Not quite as bright as some of the shockers I’m known to go for, it’s obviously a lot more wearable for it.

Shu Uemura Rouge Supreme Matte Unlimited Lipstick in 355 on the lips

I know, I know. I’m totally giving the camera the stink eye, and pursing my lips so you can hardly see the fecking shade on ’em. Anyway, this was the best of a very bad bunch, so it’ll have to do. 

So, here are the plusses: the small bullet means it’s easy to apply; the shade is great and it’s comfortable in wear. Downsides? Shu’s obviously really hard to buy unless you’re in Dublin and there’s a big trade off with the Nu-Matte with comfort over longevity. An old-schooler will sit on your lips till kingdom come but suck all the moisture out of them. The new finish is emollient and velvety and as a result doesn’t have the same cling. Hey. I don’t mind reapplying.

The other thing I’ve noticed about these lipsticks, as I have a couple of others, futuristic and all that they are, is that the lids aren’t massively secure, so this isn’t really a throw-it-in-a-bag-and-forget-it bullet. Well, it is, but then you might find it, and your bag lining, are wrecked as a result. So be warned. Other than that, I’d be more than happy to pick up a couple more of these.

And where, pray tell, were these shots taken? Oh y’know, in Italy.

Villa D'Este at Lake Como, Italy

Here, to be precise, at the Villa D’Este on the shores of Lake Como. Shit buzz, wha?

Have you tried any of Shu’s lippys? Got a comment? Then drop it below.