Plaits please: it seems clear that where the red carpet leads, mere mortals follow. But why are plaits so good for us non-celeb folk? Apart from the fact that they add an informal touch to evening wear (never a bad thing), they’re totally DIY-doable and the messier and more mussed up they look, the better. 

So what are the easiest styles to pull off? I’ve picked my top three that you’ll be able to recreate from the comfort of your own bathroom or boudoir. 

The ‘what this old thing’, as seen on Emma Stone

I’ve showed this style some love before but it really does merit a second mention. Slightly tangled, a bit tousled, it’s got just the right amount of messy going on yet still manages to look polished. Sigh.

To achieve this look at home:

  1. Add volume and texture to your tresses with a texturising dust first (like L’Oreal Professionnel’s Texture Dust)
  2. If your hair is particularly fine, apply a volumising mousse or spray before your blow dry.
  3. Then simply fashion a side plait, allowing some strands to escape along the way. 

The ‘I mean business’ braid, as seen on Blake Lively

Blake is very fond of a plait on the red carpet and although this gorgeous Grecian creation looks complicated, I reckon it’s doable.

Here’s how:

  1. Scrape your hair back into a high pony (the taut facelift effect is an added bonus).
  2. Then start by twisting two pieces of hair before starting the plait.
  3. You’ll also probably need clip in extensions or locks down to your arse to get Blake’s skipping rope-length style, so it might be worth investing in some synthetic strands close to your own hair colour too. 

The ‘it shouldn’t work but it does’, as seen on Nicole Kidman 

Botched Botox aside, Nicole Kidman’s side swept, vintage inspired do is the perfect classic meets modern combo. Without the plait it would look mumsy but the messiness of the braid saves this style (although I kinda think it would look a bit better if the plait was a little bit neater).

How to get it:

  1. First off, part your hair in a far side parting and twist into a side roll, fixing it in place with a bobby pin.
  2. Then take the rest of your hair round to the side and start plaiting. Simples.

​​Got a fave? Let us know below.