On the hunt right now for a new style crush and some hair inspo? Oh good. We can sort you out with both right here, so, with a gallery featuring 12 IT girls who’ve all got one thing in common: their long hair’s something they’re really not investing a huge amount of their day taking care of.

Structure, excess style and lots of fluting about in the hairdressers is something that is absolutely off the cool-girl calling card right now when it comes to her barnet. Nah: it’s all about leaving it long, loose and artfully mussed but you can bet your ass there’s more than a little loving attention going on behind the scenes with deep-conditioners, trims and lots and lots of oils and surf sprays for texture and shine. Cos, y’know, that auld natural look? It usually takes about 25 products to achieve …

If your mum was wild child Amanda de Cadanet and your dad was official 80s pop ride John Taylor from Duran Duran, then of course it's entirely right and proper that you, as Atlanta de Cadanet-Taylor, their child, should have the most awesome hair ever.

Get Alexa to like your bag? Sell it out; job done.

Luv U Dree Hemmingway (yes, she's his great, great-granddaughter); probably as much as the American model loves her bottle of surf spray, wha?

She played boho, hippy, carefree surfin' Cali type Ivy Sullivan in 90210 and yup, seems that's Gillian Zinser's off-screen style too.

The sisters who personify long hair, don't care: Este, Danielle and Alana Haim.

The out-of-this-world-looking catwalk model from Belgium, Hanne Gaby Odiele's gathering column inches based on her style, not just her hair.

US A-lister Harley Viera Newton is bessies with Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor and is also a model and DJ. Oh, and she has great hair.

Married to Mark Ronson, French temptress Josephine de la Baume is an actress, singer, model and posesser of awesome tresses.

Her mum's Carine Roitfield, so it's not hard to see from where Julia Restoin Roitfield got her sleek, shiny locks from, is it?

There's nothing particularly Man-Repelling about Lendra Medine's hair. Nope, in fact it's pretty nice. Good work, lady.

Poppy Delevingne's hair often verges into rich bitch territory - which is OBVS different from long hair, don't care - and it's looking quiiite richy here, but she does do that beachy, surfy thing super-well too. Well played, Pops.

She's such a cutie - indie gal par excellence Tennessee Thomas is  drummer of the indie rock group The Like and she was in Scott Pilgrim too. Oh, and hair. Hair!