There’s loads to talk about Alexa Chung’s August-launching debut co-branded collection for Nails Inc. It’ll be her first as the company’s new face (replacing Poppy Delevnigne, I presume), and it’s all based around her favourite fabrics.

There’s a whole new bottle shape for the brand which they’re rolling out at the same time, designed by Fabien Baron, who was the man behind the spare lines of the CK One bottle (which changed how we think of the way perfume is packaged back in 1994), and you’ll also get 40% more polish per pot, as the millimetre amount increases to 14.

Price goes up too: these newbies from Alexa are £15 each, which is the same as the rhinestone cap-studded offers currently, so will probably cost us about €20ish. That’s repositioning the brand as a more luxury proposition at the same time, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works.

In addition, of the six shades from Alexa’s range, one will land early online in June. Click into the gallery to find out which; see the lot; some campaign shots of Alexa plus some of her best ever nail looks too. 

ALEXA LACE IN RED – The fine detail of lace has been brought to life using the latest red matte particles in different sizes creating a delicate lace effect. This will be available in the current round bottle in a limited run, from June for £12 on
ALEXA CASHMERE IN MINK – gorgeous warming mink shades of matte polish are fused with pure glass pearls to provide a subtle sheen and a luxurious Cashmere texture.
ALEXA SILK IN BLACK – smooth and rich shades are complimented by a fine pearl which flows through the polish like silk.
ALEXA LEATHER IN BLACK – inspired by Alexa’s love of our black leather polish, we’ve dedicated this best-selling and award winning polish to her. The polish uses cutting-edge technology which allows it to dry with a matte leather texture. 
ALEXA SEQUINS IN BLACK AND GOLD – fine matte black particles provide the perfect backdrop for the bold gold metallic glitters, giving the effect of an amazing sequin dress.
ALEXA CAMOUFLAGE - blending a mix of green and nude metallic and matte particles to create an innovative camouflage effect for the nails.


Some shots from @nailsinc on Instagram, previewing the shades. Liking the look, 'lexa.

She loves an auld nail shade, does Alexa. 

When Alexa wore Nails Inc's Leather effect polish (far right) to the 2012 British Fashion Awards, it was a sell-out and generated a waiting list of more than 3,000 people.

Two of her most copied looks, the seeing eye and the palm trees.

One of the model shots from her forthcoming range, shot by Rankin. Nails look to be Alexa Camouflage.

Aaaand I'm guessing these are silk.