This summer, more so than it has been for a few seasons, things are heavy on the pastel side of things. Bright, bold block shades are easy, pastels are oddly enough, less so. Too much and you’re like an explosion in a particularly girly sweet factory. And it’s really easy to tip over that saccharine edge.

Of course, that’s where our particular pals, accessories, come into play. The easiest ever way to edit your wardrobe and give a nod to a trend without buying into it wholesale, we’ve taken a look at four of the season’s sugariest shades and picked out the pieces to go with. Will you be buying?

Isabel Marant jacket, Derek Lam skirt, Sarah Chloe earrings, Gorjana Fancy Horn Long Necklace, Kurt Geiger Bag, Shoe Cult Flux Sandals.

Trust Buro 24/7 editor and all-round excellent clotheshorse Miroslava Duma to pull off a lemon coat. Another totally tricky hue to handle, it's best served up in small slices. Like these sweet treats, for example.

1. Puss and Boots Yellow Sunglasses, $239, Pixie Market

2. Gold Chunky Jelly Sandals, €11,99, New Look

3. Yellow Geometric Filigree Drop Earrings, £7, Coco and Cleo

4. Conita Yellow Chain Strap Bag With Chunky Twist Lock, €19.49, Missguided

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This chick has cleverly avoided the pratfall of wearing mint too near her face by combining it with a shocking coral shirt: nice work, wan. Cos the thing about mint is that while it's certainly minty fresh, it's also a bit life-sucking too and having that much green reflected up into your face ain't gonna make you look the healthiest, unless of course that's the effect you're going for. In which case, carry on.

If not, look at accessories instead. (Hint: I'm looking at accessories)

1. Dangling Angel Drop Earring, about €10, Accessorize

2. Light green oversized sunglasses, €17, River Island

3. Sunny Satchel, €39.90, Accessorize

4. Earbuds, €16.06, by Skinnydip London on Nasty Gal

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Peach. A mammys absss-sulll-ute favourite. Bought in a bow-teek. How to make it modREN? This street style gal, doing her Kate Bosworth thang, manages it with aplomb. Us? Avoiding double breasted blazers in serviceable fabrics is a very good non-matronly start, but my tip is to leave out peach in clothes if you can. All the better to avoid the bang of "I'm attending a first communion/the baptism of a child/the ordination of my cousin the bishop" etc. Try a little pop 'o peach in your accessories instead, to whit:

1. Nail Polish in dolls house, €13, Ciate

2. Polka Dot Bow Hair Tie, €6, Oasis

3. Bronx sandals, €39.95,

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