I do love asking on Twitter what people DO BE over. It always unleashes the beast. Me? As always, I am firmly over Audrey Hepburn (SIGH), cupcakes, cakepops, macarons, cronuts and all forms of portmanteau-ed sweet-treats. Along with, of course, and in no particular order, Uggs, ballet pumps, nude shoes and loads more infuriating shit I can’t remember now.

That’s just my intolerant ass, though. Here’s what you lot are so completely and utterly O.V.E.R too.

Your face is how we feel, Cara love.

You just woke up like that? #wow.

Zzzzzz. Oh, sorry. We were sleeping.

We’ll send you the dry cleaning bill, shall we?

Yup, pretty sure the fash pack still loves them Balenciagas.

Oh, what an, er, bummer.


Iggy’s face says it all we need to know about knicker shorts really, doesn’t it?

Refinement at its, er, finest.

What, you don’t think this looks amazeballs!?

Can’t type; won’t type.

The Everest of elegance and class in her bodycon, take it away, Courtney Stodden.