I’ll take matte every time in the winter months, but there is something so delicious about a juicy, semi-sheer lip colour in the sunshine – don’t you think? 

These lipsticks are almost identical; on the lips you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference

Clarins’ Joli Rouge line is a firm favourite: these lipsticks, €21.50, give a pretty, translucent glaze of colour that’s impactful, but effortless. They suit everyone, have a lovely, balm-like texture and don’t require you to be too precise on application – useful to know after a poolside cocktail or three. 

Plus, they’re super flattering regardless of skintone or age: ingredients like mango butter mean they have a plumping effect, and feel actively moisturising on the lips. 

Don’t fancy investing more than twenty quid on a lipstick? Keep reading…

The Body Shop recently added nine new shades to their excellent Colour Crush range – I took Fuchsia Flirt away with me on holiday, along with Clarins Joli Rouge in Tropical Pink.

clarins and body shop lipstick swatches

Which is where I learned that these lipsticks are almost identical. Now, the shades aren’t an exact match when they’re swatched, but on the lips? You’d be hard pressed to tell the difference. 

summer lipstick

Body Shop’s beaut on Emma’s juicy lips

They both impart that juicy, plumped up sheen that’s got me hooked – and, with cherry and marula seed oils in the mix, the Colour Crush line is every bit as moisturising as the Clarins. 

Oh – and it’s €12.95. 

You’re welcome.