I am a woman who enjoys decorating with a robot or two. No, I don’t mean I lie back, directing them to do my bidding as I read my Mills & Boons while decked out in a chiffon bed jacket, all the whole dipping into a satin-frilled heart-shaped box of chocolates. THAT WOULD BE A CLICHE.

I mean I like to have them around the place. I find them fun and interesting and a nice counterpoint to … ornaments. *SHUDDER*

In case you happen to like robots (or Robits as Dr Zoidberg so charmingly calls them) too, then here’re some you might like to have about the place. Barbara Cartland, lemon chiffon fripperies and mint creams are totally optional.

Mr Large Robot Cushion from Ferm Living is €34 and psst: he's got a smaller brother too.

Willow pattern meets ROBITS: Check this Calamityware Plate 2 Giant Robot, $42, out. It's LOVE from me, an in anyways.

Make our metal pals the subject of breakfast convo with this 1950s Robot Milk Jug by Julia Davey, €25, on Not On The High Street.

How very apt: robots be binary, see. Robot Light Switch Vinyl Wall Sticker by Oakdene Designs, €19, on Not On The High Street.

Cute and it wakes you up: Robot clock, €27, Paperchase.

ROBOTROSHKYAS! I must own this set of six Mini Nesting Robot Dolls, £14.75, from Hunky Dory Home.

Just what I've always needed: a helper robot to grip the sides of my cup and help infuse my tae. Thank U Helper Robit. $12, Kikkerland.

Yeah, but no. One I draw the line at, to be honest. But if you like it, the ROBOT TROBO toilet tissue dispenser is €49 from Darwins Home.