Generally, I find a Lancome mascara to be A Very Good Thing. Hypnose = a product of great joy and necessity in my life for many years, and on a first showing, the new Grandiose offering, launching in July for €30, doesn’t look like it’s gonna be a dud.

Lancome grandiose mascara

The proof, of course, will be all in the using (which I’ll be doing in due course) but having checked it out last night it’s looking all kinds of good.

Most of the claims the brand is making for it are around its swan-shaped neck which makes it much easier to use because it’s ergonomically curved so you don’t have hassles banging it off your face. Clearly the marketing department’s on a push to insist that What Women Want is a wand that doesn’t tangle in your nose, cheeks or, I dunno, jowls?

Lancome grandiose mascara

These things have never been issues for me, or I suspect, most other woman. I kinda tuned THAT bit out, but tuned the bit below in, because IT makes sense, and is a benefit.

Lancome grandiose mascara wand

Because of the curved nature of the wand, you have to ‘screw’ it out of the bottle. That prevents the pumping action which dries other mascara products out, and helps prevent applicator overload as well. This is a much bigger brag, if you ask me.

The other thing That Women Want from their mascara is efficacy. You know, will it do what it says it will, and will it make me look like a long-lashed beauty. Grandiose, with a gunk that’s infused with rose stem cells (as used in Lancome skincare), flexible polymers and ultra black pigments, just might.

Lancome grandioise mascara on one eye

Lancome grandioise mascara on one eye

Here it is in action on this lady’s right eye (her left as you look right at her). Pretty impressive, huh?

I’ve got one to trial and you can bet I will be. Last details on this are the launch date: Brown Thomas has the exclusive for two weeks with a counter date of July 15th; look for it at all doors nationwide from July 30th.

Whaddya think?