So here’s the thing. Angelina Jolie’s a very classic dresser. That’s me being kind. I’d go so far as to say seriously bloody boring. She ain’t got no game, that wan, and she never really brings it with accessories, which’re a true sign of a fashion lover, if you ax me. (I also seriously doubt she cares, by the way).

angelina jolie's maleficent accessories

So it’s nice to see her bring some out for her Maleficent press tour, even if it does seem a little bit forced at times. The studded cuffs and double ear spike she wore at one of the premieres along with a BUSTtastic leather gown worked well on a solo jaunt.

dakota fanning and angelina jolie at maleficent press call

So did the white Maleficient shoes complete with spiked, blood-tinged wedge heel, designed by Christian Louboutin, worn with a that put-a-bird-on-it-dress.

angelina jolie's maleficent gold shoes

Then she went and shaggin’ ruined it altogether by wearing them twice more in black and gold. AH HERE ANGELINA. 

So, her final mark is only a B. Why? Cos she tried, but she shagged it up by doing the classic Mammy tactic of liking something so much she picked it up in every colour. No! No! No!

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